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Fiat Lux: for orchestra (2021)                                                                       Fiat Lux:為管絃樂團                                   

Glittering Across the Ocean: for orchestra (2018)                                     彼岸星潭:為管絃樂團

A Leaf Falls After: for orchestra (2016-17)                                                   葉落之後:為管絃樂團

Whirling Waves (Hui-Lan): for orchestra (2007)                                      洄瀾:為管絃樂團


Hypochondriasis: for chin solo and live electronics (2014)                     憂患:為古琴獨奏與即時互動電聲

Microcosmos: for a percussionist (2010)                                                   小宇宙:為擊樂獨奏

Phase Transition: for prepared 21-string zheng solo (2008)                    相變:為預置二十一絃箏獨奏


Shimmering in the Air: for haegeum, viola, and electronics (2018)         氤氳微光:為奚琴,中提琴與即時電聲

Sundowning II: for contrabass flute and contraforte (2018)

Fusing, Refusing, Diffusing: for nine instruments (2015)

till we’re all in a whirl hitting the ground: for alto saxophone and bass clarinet (2015)     

Rambling: for flute, clarinet, trombone, and double bass (2012)             蔓生:為長笛,單簧管,長號與低音提琴

Soundscape: for violin, percussion, and piano (2012)                               聲景:為小提琴,擊樂與鋼琴

Four Moods: for flute, cello, and piano (2009)                                           Four Moods:為小提琴,擊樂與鋼琴


Illness² : for multi-channel fixed media (2021)                                           病²:為多聲道預錄電聲

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