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annecyLily Chen
, born in Hualien, Taiwan, is a composer exploring timbral potentials of both acoustic and electronic music. In her recent works, she creates counterpoint of timbre by synthesizing sound gestures with subtlety, shaping imaginative and poetic atmosphere in her music.

Lily is currently a PhD candidate in music composition at the University of California, Berkeley, where she is studying with Ken Ueno, Franck Bedrossian, Edmund Campion, and Cindy Cox. She got her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan, under the instruction of Chung-Kun Hung.

Since 2005, she has received several prizes, including 1st Prize of Asian Composers League Young Composers Awards (2012), 1st and 2nd Prizes of Nicola de Lorenzo Prize in Music Composition (UC Berkeley, 2014 & 2015), and some other prizes in Taiwan. Her music has also been played at several international festivals in USA and Asia, including Mise-en Music Festival (New York, 2016), International Computer Music Conference (Texas, 2015), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (New York, 2015), Midwest Graduate Music Consortium (Chicago, 2014), Van Appledorn Festival of New Music (Texas, 2014), Asian Composers League Conference and Festival (Israel, 2012 & Taiwan, 2011) and Nong Project at Korea National University of the Art (Korea, 2007). She recently had a 10-month composition residency in Paris as the recipient of the George Ladd Prix de Paris in 2015-16.

陳立立,生於台灣花蓮,現為美國加州大學柏克萊分校音樂系作曲博士候選人,師事Ken Ueno、Franck Bedrossian、Edmund Campion與 Cindy Cox。於國立台北藝術大學音樂系取得學士與碩士學位,師事洪崇焜。其音樂創作常透過豐富的音色運用與對位營造音樂的詩意與情境。

曾獲之重要獎項包括:亞洲作曲家聯盟青年作曲比賽首獎(2012),UC Berkeley Nicola de Lorenzo Prize in Music Composition首獎與二獎(2014 / 2015),國立臺灣交響樂團鼓勵創作(2010 / 2012),兩廳院樂典─國人音樂創作甄選 (2010 / 2011),台北市立交響樂團40周年團慶管弦樂作品(2009),教育部文藝創作獎(2005)。作品亦曾在亞洲與美國多場音樂節中演出,包括Mise-en音樂節(2016)、ICMC國際電腦音樂研討會(2015)、NYCEMF紐約電子音樂節(2015)、美國Midwest Graduate Music Consortium(2015)、美國德州科技大學Van Appledorn新音樂節(2014)、柏克萊新音樂計畫(Berkeley New Music Project)(2011-14)、亞洲作曲家聯盟音樂節(2011 / 2012)、十方樂集「台灣現代音樂論壇」(2010)、北藝大當代音樂節(2008)、韓國藝術大學「Nong Project」音樂節(2007) 等。2015年秋天,她獲得George Ladd Prix de Paris補助,前往法國巴黎一年。

CV available on request