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Lily Chen (b. 1985), born in Taiwan, is a composer exploring timbral materials with subtle theatrical potentials in both acoustic and electronic music, which shape evocative atmospheres that point towards poetic commentary on her observations on literary, emotional, or social aspects of the contemporary condition.

Lily’s music has been performed at several international festivals, including Underwood New Music Readings, June in Buffalo, Mise-en Festival, International Computer Music Conference, SEAMUS National Conference, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, and Asian Composers League Conference and Festival. She has also collaborated with St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, American Composers Orchestra, Taiwan Philharmonic (National Symphony Orchestra), National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble Signal, Mivos Quartet, Ensemble Cairn, Ensemble Mise-en, Eco Ensemble, Splinter Reeds, among others.

Recently she received her Ph.D. in music composition from the University of California at Berkeley, where she studied with Ken Ueno, Franck Bedrossian, Edmund Campion, and Cindy Cox. She also holds M.M. and B.F.A. from Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan, under the instruction of Chung-Kun Hung. For more information, please visit http://chenlily.com

陳立立,1985年生於台灣花蓮,她的音樂作品充滿豐富而細緻的聲響色彩,透過對音色音響的探索與融合,以及細微錯綜的語法,營造出詩意與戲劇性,也展現她對於文學、情感或當代社會的觀察。她於2017年獲得美國加州大學柏克萊分校音樂哲學博士,師事Ken Ueno、Franck Bedrossian、Edmund Campion與 Cindy Cox;於國立台北藝術大學取得學士與碩士,師事洪崇焜。近年來她的作品屢獲國內外獎項與委託邀約,在亞洲與美國各地演出,包括美國Underwood New Music Readings、June in Buffalo音樂節、SEAMUS美國電子音樂會議、Mise-en音樂節、ICMC國際電腦音樂會議、亞洲作曲家聯盟音樂節等。曾合作的樂團包括:美國聖路易交響樂團(St. Louis Symphony Orchestra) 、美國作曲家管弦樂團(American Composers Orchestra) 、NSO國家交響樂團、國立台灣交響樂團、台北市立交響樂團、樂興之時交響樂團、小巨人絲竹樂團、 Eco Ensemble、Ensemble Signal、Mivos QuartetSplinter Reeds、Ensemble Cairn、Ensemble Mise-en等。更多資訊請至 http://chenlily.com

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