Sprawling Like Vines (別離蔓生): for 6 instruments (2022)

for violin, viola, cello, di/xiao, guzheng, & percussion
conducted by Yu-An Chang 張宇安

Program Note:

The inspiration and elements of Sprawling Like Vines are derived from “Farewell Song” in the album of “SaySiyat of Wufeng Township,” which is included in Ostasien Institut e.V. Bonn Collection of Taiwan Music. Listening to the recording of “Farewell Song,” I perceived the subtle microtonal variations in the voices, and was fascinated with the parallel singing commonly appearing in traditional SaySiyat songs. In this piece, I attempt to combine the features of microtone and parallel singing with micropolyphony and heterophony, making the distorted fragments of “Farewell Song” entangled and spreading like vines, just as, with the passage of time, the accumulated sentiments after parting ceaselessly grow and sprawl like vines.

This piece is commissioned by Ostasien-Institut e.V. Bonn in memory of Alois Osterwalder.


《別離蔓生》的創作靈感與元素,取材自「波昂東亞研究院臺灣音樂館藏」五峰鄉賽夏族專輯的《別離之歌》。聆聽《別離之歌》時,我感受到細緻微妙的的微分音轉音變化,也著迷於賽夏族歌謠常出現的「平行複音」現象。在本曲中,我試圖將此種賽夏族特有的、帶有微分音與轉音的平行複音特色,結合微複音 (micropolyphony) 與支聲複音 (heterophony)手法,使被解構的、碎裂變形的《別離之歌》素材與音樂線條,如藤蔓般糾纏扭曲、蔓延擴散,就像那些別離後逐漸增加的思念,也正如藤蔓般,隨著時間不斷地滋長、蔓生。

本作品由波昂東亞研究院 (Ostasien-Institut e.V. Bonn) 委託創作,為紀念歐樂斯神父 (Alois Osterwalder) 並向他贊助支持的「台灣民歌採集運動」致敬。

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