Soundscape (聲景) : for Violin, Percussion, and Piano (2012)

Performed by eco ensemble (conducted by David Milnes), Apr. 2012, Berkeley, CA, USA

Program Note:

This piece is inspired by ‘Three Poems in Search of the Composer/Singer,’ written by Chen Li (a contemporary poet in Taiwan). The work is composed of three visual poems with the subtitles of “Starry Night,” “Wind Blowing over the Plain,” and “Footprints in the Snow.” Each visual poem creates a scene and atmosphere full of imagination, which motivates me to transform the images into music.

I employ three main materials with different characteristics to represent the poetic scenes. I hope, by means of the timbre of music, to shape and interpret the landscapes of the starry night, the blowing wind, and the footprints in the snow. Instead of following the poetic form and dividing the piece into three individual movements, I merge the three landscapes, recombining and interweaving them, in order to create my own “soundscape.”




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