Fusing, Refusing, Diffusing: for 9 instruments (2015)

performed by eco Ensemble (conducted by David Milnes), Dec. 2016, Berkeley New Music Project (Berkeley, CA, USA)



Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano, Percussion, Harp, Violin, Viola, Cello

Program Note:

The title of the work, “Fusing, Refusing, Diffusing,” reveals the central idea I intend to express in the music. I choose the three words with the same root “fuse” to represent three phases of the timbral orchestration I’d like to explore: to fuse varieties of timbre by finding their similarities, to refuse the unity of the sounds by emphasizing the uniqueness of every single instrument, and to diffuse the hybrid or independent timbre to expand the texture, the idea, and the tension.

The idea is related not only to my research interest in the manipulation of the timbre, but also to the current situation of my country. In March 2014, many students and citizens in Taiwan occupied the parliament to protest against an illegal under-the-table approval of the trade treaty with China and prevent the government from destroying the democracy and selling Taiwan to China, which intends to aggress upon Taiwan economically and politically. Therefore, I try to transform the political issues into music to express the intention to refuse the gradual fusion and the diffusion of the refusal as a tribute to the brave protesters in Taiwan.


此曲曲名《Fusing, Refusing, Diffusing》(中文意為:融合,反融合,擴散) 即為我企圖傳達的中心意念。我選用三個擁有相同字根「fuse」的英文字彙,表達我欲探索的三種音色運用面向:融合不同的音色(尋找不同音色的同質性),拒絕聲響的統一(強調個別音色的獨特性),擴散發展聲響素材以擴大意念、織度與音樂張力。



編制說明: 長笛,降B調單簧管,低音管,擊樂(註),鋼琴,豎琴,小提琴,中提琴,大提琴

*註:擊樂編制為:小型定音鼓(timpani),吊鈸(suspended cymbals)(一只置於定音鼓上),古鈸crotales,顫音鐵琴vibraphone,管鐘(chimes),雷片(thunder sheet)


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