Illness² (病²): for multi-channel fixed media (2021)  

binaural version optimized for headphones / 雙耳聲道版本,建議使用耳機聆聽
commissioned by Taiwan Sound Lab (C-LAB 臺灣聲響實驗室)

Program Note:

Illness² is inspired by “hypochondriasis” and “excessive dreaming,” two syndromes caused by overperception due to neurological disorder. Through distorted electronics and the ambisonic system, this piece builds up the scenarios of “hypochondria” and “dreaminess,” hoping to offer the audience a more direct and intense listening experience in the immersive space and to lead them into the inner world of the sufferers by associating their own feelings with the music.

Illness² is specifically composed and designed for the 49.4-channel immersive stereo space at C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab.



〈病²〉係特別為 C-LAB 臺灣聲響實驗室49.4聲道立體聲場空間設計的作品。

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